2017 in Retrospect (plus New Year’s Resolutions)


2017 hasn’t really been a memorable year for most people. A lot of really bad things happened all around the world, and I feel like a lot of people sort of lost faith in humanity. However, in spite of those bad things, I’ve personally had an amazing year. So many really great/life changing things happened to me, that I thought I should share some of them with you.

A Career Move

Photo by: Wasio Photography

Photo by: Wasio Photography

The year started with two big moves: 1) Chris and I moved in together 2) we decided to start our own social media business together, Social Kitchen.  It took us a whole lot of learning how to operate a business and how to find a balance between our personal and work relationships, but I can say that so far it’s been working out really well!



I finally got to see my family after over 2 years, and also got to meet my little sister for the first time. My dad decided spend his 50th birthday in San Diego, so he brought along my siblings, step mom, step sister, my grandma and my uncle. Not only was it amazing that I got to hang out with my family after such a long time apart, but I also got to introduce Chris and his family to mine, which was an amazing experience. They all got along really well and I had a blast.

The other amazing part was definitely meeting my baby sister (she’s 3 now). She definitely wanted nothing to do with me for the first 30 min, but after that we became best friends. It’s also worth mentioning that watching her follow and play with Chris all day everyday made my ovaries explode.


Starting this blog was definitely one of the best parts of this year. I had been delaying it for a few years because I wanted it to be perfect, but one day I just woke up and realized that I did not need to make it perfect. I just had to DO IT! So, on June 21st Watermelon Popsicle went live for the first time.

It’s crazy to watch how much it’s grown since that first day. Not only the blog, but my instagram too. I never thought I’d be able to strike so many amazing collaborations during such a short period of time. I’m incredibly grateful for each and every one of you who have helped this dream of mine come true.

I vow to make this blog even better next year, and to bring you, my dear readers, the very best fashion and lifestyle tips.

Blogging has certainly changed the way I see San Diego. In all honesty, I used to complain about the lack of style and culture here, but after getting involved in the fashion and blogging community in this city, I started to see it with different eyes.

New Friends


One of the many amazing things that blogging has brought me is new friends. I’ve got to meet so many amazing women through Instagram, and they inspire me everyday. These are some of the babes you should be following too, not only because their styles are amazing, but because they are true beauties inside and out:











@california.bloggers I’ve got to meet Taylor and Johnny from Cali Bloggers and they are just the sweetest people!

I also met two of the most amazing people in this world this year, Sasha and Yaneck, who quickly have become some of my best friends. These two are the masterminds behind Wasio Photography and Wasio Faces. Not only are they are some of the best photographers in the country, they’re also amazing friends!

Shared Happiness


I’m the kind of person who celebrates peoples victories and life events like they are my own, and this year I couldn’t be happier for two of my favorite couples, my friends Jack & Meagan who got married this Summer, and my friends Sasha & Yaneck, who are expecting baby Wasio. He/She might arrive next week ya’ll! I’m pumped!

Trips, trips and more trips




This year we broke the record when it comes to trips. I got to visit and write about so many different places. These are some of them: Central Coast, Hearst Castle, Julian, Palm Springs, Seattle, Portland, Vegas, Arizona, Salvation Mountain, LA.

Green Card

One of the biggest moments of this year and, of my life TBH, was receiving my Permanent Residency (a.k.a. A Green Card). For those of you who didn’t know, I have been in the U.S. for about 5 years, and this whole time I was here as a student, that is until I received my green card in November. In a year of so much threat towards immigrants, being able to have my pass to stay here and being recognized as an actual has been a relieving experience. It didn’t come easy, but it came.



You guys!!! I didn’t think anything else could make this year even better, but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like I did when Chris proposed. Before I tell you more about the proposal let me give you a little back story:

Chris and I met in NYC, about two and a half years ago. I was a bartender at a Greenwich Village restaurant and he was a drunk (JK, babe)  partying early with friends. They got there around 2PM and he didn’t leave till 11PM, since it was a slow day, we spent the entire day chatting. I’m not the kind of person who believes in love at first sight, but there was something about him that struck me from the very first minute. Rumor has it that I walked up to him and got my number on his phone and called myself because he was too drunk to function. He asked me out a few days later and haven’t left each other’s side ever since.

We moved to Cali in December of that year, and stayed with parents in Central Califonia for about a month, before coming to San Diego, so we always say that first month was when our relationship really got a very serious level.


Fast forward to a week ago, we were again in the Central Coast, for the Holidays with his parents. He had been acting all weird during our first two days there, talking about a surprise, which honestly did not ring the bell at all to me. Apparently his mom texted both of us in a group to talk about my ring. He had to steal my phone before I woke up to delete the message, but since he couldn’t remember my password, he had to wait for me to wake up and unlock it for him. So he ended up telling me that he had a surprise for me.

When the day arrived, he was acting pretty low key, so again I didn’t even think about it. He just said he wanted to take me somewhere. He drove me to this hotel called Madonna Inn, which I had been wanting to go for a long time because of their insane Christmas decoration. When we got to the parking lot he said “well, this was the surprise!” And I was like “Oh great! I’ve been wanting to come here for a while!”

When we got off the car he told me he would take me to a specific part of the hotel first, the Secret Garden, that’s when I was like “wait a minute,” so we started waking through it and made our way to the pond - he made me walk in front of him - from there all I really remember was him saying “babe…” and when I turned around he was on one knee, holding that tiny box, with watery eyes. I don’t remember his exact words because I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I thought I going to fall into the pond.


He put the ring on my finger. We kissed and hugged.

After that we walked around the hotel and took a bunch of photos. Selfies and normal ones. Then we went back to the garden and talked a bit and had some of the sweetest moments ever. Then he told me that my ring was his grandma’s and that’s when I cried, because I know how much his much his grandparents were life and love role models to him. Later that day we celebrated with parents, and didn’t really stop celebrating till the day we left.

I could go on all day talking about all of these great thing that happened to this year, but I’m just going to stop for now and wish that things next year can be equally as good, if not even better than they were this year. Speaking of, below is a list of my 2018 resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions/Wishes:

  1. Learn more about blogging and get better at it.

  2. Get in Shape.

  3. Be more patient (I’ve been getting better at it).

  4. Learn something new.

  5. Develop my business.

  6. Travel to Brazil

  7. Enjoy every moment.

  8. Love more, deeper and harder.

I hope you had an incredible year, but in case you didn’t, I’m here wishing you an amazing 2018! Thanks for riding along! See you next year!!

Camila Rodrigues Pontes.