DIY Marble Tray


This is my first time writing about DIY projects! Yay! 

I’ve been seeing the marble tray craze everywhere, and always felt like I was missing out for not having one. I’ve exhaustively tried to find one that was both pretty and affordable, but most options out there don’t fit both categories, so I decided to create my own marble tray using basically 3 things: an old wooden tray, spray paint and contact paper.

I use this one on my bar cart

I use this one on my bar cart

And this one on my side table

And this one on my side table


The cool part about this project is that you can do many other things with the leftover material. Think marble vanity counters, cool looking golden jewelry holder and so much more! 

All you’re going to need is:


1 Tray

Scissors, a pencil, a card and an x-acto knife


Start by measuring the size of your tray. You can place it over the contact paper and mark it with the pencil. I suggest that you give it a couple of extra inches, just in case.

Next thing you’ll do is to spray paint the tray. This needs to be done in an area with enough ventilation and plenty of newspapers on the ground, because it can get messy. I have mine two coats of paint, but you can do less or more.

Once the paint is dry, you’ll attach the contact paper to the interior bottom of the tray. Peel off a corner of the paper and stick it slowly, pressing it with the card to make sure no air bubbles are left between the paper and the tray. Cut the excess paper on the corner with the x-acto knife.

Repeat the procedures of measuring and cutting for the interior and exterior sides of the tray. My suggestion is to cut one strip of paper per side, rather that just a long one. That way you avoid weird corner bubbles.

Et voilà! Your marbles tray is ready! 


Can’t wait to see yours! Show me your work in the comment section or via email!