Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week


Fashion, food and good friends are the only things to make me take a 3 hr drive to L.A. on a Friday.

If you live in California, you know what I am talking about. The traffic is insane, parking is impossible and finding a good place for a reasonable price is pretty difficult.

When my friend Lubi called me from NYC and invited us to be her VIPs at Art Hearts Fashion L.A. Fashion Week, I didn’t need to think about it twice. We booked a place and I started planning my outfits. The trip wouldn’t last much longer than 24 hrs, but I packed enough clothes for a week. You know, just in case.

I chose a French inspired outfit for the occasion. The red velvet beret and the white boots are from Forever 21, the blue blazer and the suede skirt I’ve had for a long time, and the white turtleneck and Furla maroon leather bag, I got from a local thrift shop.


The event, held at The Beverly Hilton hotel, was a mix of art exhibit and fashion shows, which was super interesting. But the really cool part is that I got to photograph the backstage and can show you guys a little glimpse of the craziness that happens behind the scenes.


Being backstage brought me back to my days of working in production, back in Brazil. The excitement of watching the girls getting ready to go on the catwalk just gives me life.

From all of the shows I watched, two brands really stood out and today I want to introduce you to them:

Sanja Bobar

I'd feel like a total queen in this dress!

I'd feel like a total queen in this dress!

I had the pleasure to hang out with Serbian Couture designer Sanja Bobar, and she’s as amazing as the clothes she makes. Sanja’s gowns were incredibly gorgeous and and mixed materials such as silk, chiffon, lace and handmade embroidery. I was totally fascinated by the dresses. I mean, just look at the red one with the hoodie. I want to wear that everyday of my life.

These printed sets made me want to have a twin just so we could be like these two!!

These printed sets made me want to have a twin just so we could be like these two!!

I happened to meet Marisa while I was photographing the backstage and she was such a sweetheart. Little did I know she was totally blow my mind during her show. Her pieces were SO cute that I wish I could by every single one of them. The printed sets were darling, the blouses were really pretty too, but what really got my heart were the overall dresses and the printed jackets. So many S/S 18 trends. I’m not even joking when I say I wanted to get everything. I can’t wait to wear her pieces next Spring/Summer.


These two brands have seriously won my heart.

After the shows, we all went to the Waldorf Astoria rooftop and had a blast drinking rose and admiring the City of Stars.

The following morning, Chris and I went to meet Lubi for brunch at The Beverly Hilton and I clearly did not understand the pool dress code and showed up in Fall gear from head to toe.

Thanks to my fairy Godmother, I got a super improvised pool outfit that even allowed me to swim for a little bit.

Clearly Pool Weather

Clearly Pool Weather

Versus Me

Versus Me

I do link the whole outfit here, because it's been a big hit on my instagram this week. So, here you go:
Bell Sleeve Sweater
Red Sock Boots
Cabby Hat
Embroidered Skirt

I learned my lesson: never put your Summer clothes away, because in California Fall doesn’t start until it’s winter everywhere else.