Meet Your Two New Drink Obsessions: Rose Gold Latte and 24K Cappuccino


Move over, Starbucks’ pink drink, it’s time for the real royalty to shine! And I mean, literally shine.

If you haven’t heard of S3 Coffee Bar, a San Diego based coffee shop, you’re missing out BIG TIME. They have the cutest and most delicious coffee and tea drinks in town. Trust me, if you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’m pretty much a coffee shop connoisseur. If you don’t leave in SD, but happen to visit the city, make this place your must go stop, because I’m telling you, that place is about to become the next Instagram fever.

I had been following S3 Coffee Bar on social media for a while and a couple weeks ago when I was invited to stop by and try their new releases, I was stoked! The new releases in question are their 24K Gold Cappuccino and the Rose Gold Latte. You did not read it wrong. The two drinks are made with gold!!! So extra, so amazing.


The Rose Gold Latte is so yummy, that it makes any other latte I’ve ever had totally lag behind. The drink has a toasty almond herbal tea base and is sweetened with rose infused syrup and a touch of honey, which makes it super tasty but not overly sweet. The cherry on the top is this drink is the rose petal and 24k gold glitter, that just makes it super shiny and pretty. It should totally be called a Millennial's Dream Latte.

What I love about this drink is that you can actually taste the hints of every single ingredient. Nothing is too overpowering. I just love the mix of roses, honey and toasted almonds. I’ve been seriously craving it everyday since I first had it. One detail about this drink is that it’s for iced latte lovers only. If you’re looking for a hot option, let me introduce you to the Rose Gold Latte’s brother: the 24K Gold Cappuccino.


Made with espresso, ginger cookie butter (YASS!) and steamed whole milk, this drink is like fall dreams come true. And if you thought that was already good enough, let me tell you that this heavenly beverage is garnished with chocolate drizzle and 24K gold flakes and glitter. It’s royalty in a cup!!! You guys know I’m not really a coffee fan, but seriously, I couldn’t stop drinking that cappuccino. The cookie butter just melts in your mouth on the first sip and that’s it. You just have deal with the fact that you’ve just become addicted to it.  

Although drinks are S3 Coffee Bar’s specialty, they make pretty bomb food as well. Their avocado toast is to die for. They add some tiny mozzarella balls, prosciutto and drizzle some balsamic on it, which makes a huge difference. The açaí bowl is also delicious, it has just amount of crunch and sweetness.  


On top of all that, the place is very cute! I love the grass wall and the neon sign they have. And they also have an amazing customer service. Claudia, the owner is a sweetheart and the baristas were all super nice!


The delicious gold drinks are going to be available at S3 Coffee Bar on October 21st, and if I were you, I’d make sure to get there early, because I have a pretty strong feeling a lot of people will show up to try these two drinks.