The Boots You Will Need (And Want!) This Fall


I’ve previously mentioned here how obsessed I am with shoes. And I have to admit that was great to hear from you that I’m not alone.  

When I posted a poll on my Stories asking if you guys were interested in post about my favorites shoes for this fall/winter I did not expect the overwhelming amount of people who would vote “yes.” As a matter of fact, I only got one vote for no, which came from my friend Michel - I see you, dude.

What I did not mention on my previous post is how I’m especially obsessed with boots. I’ve always loved them since I was little, but was never allowed to wear them growing up, because back then people used to say that boots were not suitable for the kind of weather (hot and humid) we have in Northern Brazil. As if!!

Now that I can get my hands on as many boots my bank account allows me I want, I try to keep up with my favorite trends for every season. This fall I feel like the boots section got a lot more democratic, in the sense that people actually have the opportunity to choose from a plethora of different styles.

Some of the must have styles include colors such as white and red, to break the traditional black and brown, glitter and metallics, as well as patterned and embroidered boots. One style that I’d say is the biggest hit of the season are sock boots. No matter what pattern or color you’re looking for, chances are your boots will come in the form of sock boots.

All of the boots I’ve linked on this post are surprisingly affordable. The only pairs I was unable to link were the black suede booties, because they came from Brazil and the pink suede boots from a Mexican brand called Gillio, because I got them from a thrift shop for $3. What a steal!

Click on the links below to shop my favorite boots


Forever 21 White Boots


J Crew Leopard Boots - Similar here or J Crew ones in Camo


Gillio Pink Suede Sock Boots With Shearling Cuff  - Similar ones here, here and here


ShoeDazzle Glitter Boots - similar here

Jorge Bischoff Black Booties - Similar here

What style of boots are you obsessing over? Are you planning on purchasing any of these? I’d love to hear your comments.