First Day of Summer

Hi There,

Today is the first day of Summer, and non-coincidentally it’s also the first day of Watermelon Popsicle. Hang in there and you’ll see why!

For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to put this blog together. And so far,  I can tell you that coming up with a name, a concept, a logo, a page that looked good and the posts themselves wasn’t an easy process and I ended up postponing it whenever something else popped up. The good news is that no procrastination lasts forever. So, here we are live! Yay!

Watermelon Popsicle was born from my lifelong desire to write about fashion and lifestyle and to inspire people. I also wanted it to be a place for me to let out all my New Yorkness in the warm lands of California. So here’s a bit about me and a bit about the blog:

Vest/Dress:  Pacsun  Shirt:  SheIn  Shoes:  Shoe Dazzle

Vest/Dress: Pacsun Shirt: SheIn Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

My name is Camila. Cah-Meeh-Lah. Hi!

I was born and raised in of the biggest cities in the Amazon Region - I know, the jungle - Belem, in Northern Brazil. From there, about four and a half years ago, I catapulted myself to New York City right after college,  so I could finally experience in real life and first-hand all the fashion I had spent years dreaming about.  And so I did. My three years living in New York were great and a lot of I know about fashion, I learned there.

Love for fashion brought me to NYC, real love brought me to San Diego, CA, where I currently reside.

So, all that to say that in this blog you guys are going to be able to read a lot about fashion and lifestyle through my eyes. Eyes that have experienced all the cross-culture stuff mentioned above. I can totally promise you a fun ride!   

One of the missions of this blog is to bring to you style in a really affordable way, because trust me, I know how much it hurts to desire that Chanel bag, knowing that you can barely afford its Forever 21 version.

You guys are also going to read some national and international collabs with some fashion and travelling aficionados that will write guest posts every now and then - one of them being little sis, Rafaela, who will be sending us some news from Brazil and Portugal.   

Speaking of traveling, I love to travel. TBH who doesn’t? One of the cool things about living in SoCal is that it allows me to take short road trips to a ton of different places, so you guys might see me writing a lot about trips in the West Coast. And hopefully some International and cross country ones soon.   

I want this blog to be a place for us to talk about fashion, decor, food, traveling, interesting people and inspiring things in a refreshing way. And I hope you’re just as excited as I am.

Welcome to endless days of summer.