Millennial Pink and the Pair of Pants I’m Totally Obsessed With

Millennial Pink

As you guys have probably noticed, I’ve been obsessed with two things lately: Millennial Pink (hence, the color of this website) and my brand new pair of culottes. Honestly, I’ve never seen a person who doesn’t look good in either of these trends. They’re so popular for a reason.

Millennial pink is incredibly flattering, regardless of your skin tone, and as much as I want to hate the name “Millennial,” I have to give this one to my fellow millennials, because we are the ones who made this color really take off. FYI, the official name of the color is Rose Quartz.

Culottes, on the other hand, used to get bad rep because of at some point in history someone said that they only looked in tall and skinny girls. I’m 5’2’’ and I absolutely love culottes. So forget those old fashioned rules.

Today I want to show you guys a couple of different ways I like to wear both culottes and Millennial pink.

I went for an almost-all pink approach with this shirt and the culottes

Shirt: SheIn Culottes: Graffiti Beach Boutique Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

If you want to throw in another one of my favorite trends, wear the culottes with camisole top (I added because it was kind cold out)

You can find similar tops here and here.

These are some of my favorite Millennial pink shoes. They pair well with a lot of different colors.

Are you obsessed with Millennial Pink and/or Culottes too? What other trends are you dying for? Let me know in the comments.