Fantastic Shoes and Where to Find Them


I’ve been a shoe aficionado for as far as I can remember. I got to New York City with two pairs in my suitcase and, in less than three years, that number went up to around 110 pairs. Crazy, I know, but I couldn’t help it.

When I moved to San Diego, I couldn’t afford to bring them all with me so I had to downsize back to - wait for it - 10 pairs. Womp Womp. But TBH, I can’t really go a long time without buying shoes, so I’ve slowly expanded my collection ever since.

This summer I gave it all in, and acquired some of the trendiest pairs of the moment. This is the most I’ve bought in shoes in a while, but honestly, it was all worth it. The cool part about all the pairs featured here is that they are insanely comfortable, especially because I feel like I’m getting too old to compromise comfort. So keep scrolling down to read about all of my picks.

Forever 21 Sneakers

I wrote about embroidery a couple weeks ago, because I’m totally obsessed with this trend. So as you can probably imagine, I was in heaven when I found this pair at Forever 21. They’re crazy affordable, super cute and the embroidered details are to die for. Take note: do not attempt to wear these shoes without socks, because as much as they’re comfy to walk in, they’ll give you a ton of blisters if worn without socks.

ShoeDazzle Grey Heels

The amount of people who have asked me where I got these shoes is insane. I got them from ShoeDazzle about a month ago and have worn them at least a couple times a week ever since, because they’re incredibly pretty and comfortable. Seriously, I wore them to the zoo the other day, which means I spent least 3 hours non-stop walking and after that my feet were just fine. They’re so awesome that I believe the same grey pair is currently out of stock, but here’s a pretty similar option from the same brand.

Anothersole Golden       Anothersole Black

Anothersole’s shoes are more than trendy, they’re a classic must-have. It’s hard to choose just one favorite pair from the website, that’s why I’m showing you guys two of my favs. The shoes are very practical and comfy as hell because of their special soles. Another cool thing about this brand is their Buy One Feed One program, in which part of their profits is dedicated to help feed children in need.

Mules H&M        Gap Mules Heels

If I were to point out the biggest trend of this summer, I’d probably pick Mules. On top of being versatile shoes - you can dress them up or down - they’re super comfy and go with pretty much any outfit. My sister got me these golden ones from H&M and I wore them for three days straight. And the black ones are from Gap Factory. They’re currently out of stock, but you can find similar ones here.

Sandals SheIn

Another thing I’ve talked about here is how Millennial Pink has become the official color of this summer, and there’s no better way to make the color even more summery than wearing it on your sandals. This really cute pair I got from SheIn. I really love the mix of pink and rose gold.

What are you favorite shoes? Let me know in the comment section!