Operation Bridesmaid


There’s nothing more beautiful in this life than celebrating love and all of its forms.

Last week I got to celebrate the love and marriage of two great friends of mine, Jack and Meagan, who, in spite of knowing me for less than two years, have become some of the closest friends I have and admire.

You may remember that earlier this year I wrote a post about my Palm Springs trip to celebrate Meagan’s bachelorette party. What I didn’t mention back then is that I was invited to be one of the bridesmaids and that was an incredibly touching and humbling experience. So I thought, why not do a follow up story on their 4 day long celebration and share with you guys some special moments and outfits that I wore during that week?

Sorry for some low quality pictures. I barely had my phone with me the whole week.

Wednesday: Happy Hour at Donovan’s Chophouse.

Having a happy hour a few days before the wedding was an interesting way to get to meet people (familiar and unfamiliar faces) before the wedding. Both of their families and most friends live on the East Coast, so that was the perfect way for them to say hi to everyone. Donovan’s has a gorgeous oceanfront patio, which makes it the perfect place for a champagne filled afternoon. It was nice to see everyone mingling and making new friends and it was also nice to finally meet a lot of people that I had heard about for a long time.

I chose a flowy-ish cold shoulder maxi dress from Cotton On for this event because the place has a not-so-casual vibe, so I felt like dressing up a bit more.

*click on the images to enlarge.

Thursday: Rehearsal Dinner at Jayne’s + Drinks at Polite Provisions

On Thursday, we got together to rehearse our entrance on the wedding and receive the day timeline. I think that’s when the whole thing hit me and I was like “WOW! This is really happening!” After the rehearsal we headed to Polite Provisions for a drink and then from there we went to Jayne’s gastropub for dinner. Since Chris was one of the groomsmen, he got to speak at the dinner and that was extremely cute (in my opinion. He found it all super nerve wracking). The groom’s dad and another groomsman also got to talk and just watching all that made my heart feel so warm.

Side note: if you haven’t been to Jayne’s yet, do yourself a favor and go right now. The food is the bomb and the patio area is to die for.

After dinner we went back to Polite Provisions and stayed there till the wee hours. Not a good idea when you have to be up early next day.

File_000 (5).jpeg

I opted for a Forever 21 off-the-shoulder red lace dress for the occasion, just because I truly love that dress and don’t get to wear it very often.

Friday: Wedding Day at Darlington House

OH MY GOD, I could spend three entire posts talking about this magical day, but I’m hoping to have Meagan eventually write us a guest blog post on all of the details. The day started super early with some of the girls arriving to get hair and makeup done around 5:30 am. The morning was super fun with all the girls walking around the house in blue robes and drinking mimosas out of personalized mugs that Meg gave us. Once everyone’s hair and makeup was done, we headed to the Darlington House to finish getting ready and to have our pictures taken.

I want to say a couple of things about Meagan and how she handled and organized this whole thing. From the very beginning she knew that her bridesmaids would get to pick their own dresses, as long as they followed a range of pastel colors and some really really basic requirements (no boobs and no legs showing). She was the sweetest and most accepting bride I’ve ever heard of, and in the end we got the perfect group of mismatched dresses that actually looked like they were planned. Also, every single detailed that she planned was pinterest perfect, from the table cards to the food, to the music.

The ceremony was so beautiful that I had to hold my tears the whole time, or else I’d have ruined my make up. Jack was the happiest groom and Meagan the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. And thanks to  Pete, the officiant, we all the learned that love is Pure Fucking Magic.

Another detail is that I got to walk down the aisle with my beau, which made things extra special.

Like I said before, the wedding was perfect. Tacos for dinner, donut bar for dessert and BSB on the dance floor kind of perfect.

File_005 (1).jpeg

After we all got kicked out of the reception, the party continued at Herringbone and then at The Spot, in La Jolla. Fun Fact: When Chris and I moved to SD, he introduced me to Jack and Meagan at The Spot, so it was awesome to be there with them on the night of their wedding.  

File_007 (1).jpeg

Unfortunately, I’m not able to link my dress here because I got it from H&M a couple of years ago and had never worn it.

File_000 (6).jpeg

Saturday: Del Mar Races

What’s more San Diego than starting the day at the Races and ending up at PB Shore Club? That’s exactly what we did on Saturday. I gotta be honest with you, I have no idea where the other guests pulled so much energy from, but everyone was extremely happy and singing along to every song played inside of the party bus that took us to Del Mar. Needless to say that I was barely alive. The day was super fun and actually got to go to a horse race for the first time in my life, so that’s why I felt compelled to buy that white little hat to compliment my outfit. I wish I could link my dress here, but I got it from a vintage store.  

Last week was amazing and it went by super fast, but I’m so glad I got to spend time with so many awesome people and make new friends. And above all, I’m extremely happy I got to celebrate with my dear friends their love and happiness.  

Jack and Meagan, cheers to you!