The Perfect Outfit for Hot Fall Days


San Diegans know that fall doesn’t really start for us until it’s already winter everywhere else. Nevertheless, we try as much as we can to make it happen. In order for us to do so we have to rely on fall garments that come in lighter fabrics as well as on trendy accessories.

I put together this easy (and super affordable) transition outfit that will make you feel like you’re dressed for fall even when it’s hot out.  

File_004 (1).jpeg

Bell Sleeves

I mentioned on one of my previous posts that statement sleeves are one of the trends that will survive the end of summer. That’s why this dress is such a nice transition piece. While it’s on the lighter side, it has a nice fall style, which makes it perfect for this warm Cali weather.  I found this dress at a flea market and was able to track down the brand’s website so here it is. And guess what? The dress is on sale right now for SUPER CHEAP!! You’re welcome!

File_002 (1).jpeg

Statement bags

Move over, wicker bags!  (JK, I love them too!!). This fall is going to be all about tiny fun bags, and don’t forget the statement straps, because they’re going to be big!! I got this cute fox one from a street fair, but here’s the link to an ebay brand that also sells them.

File_005 (1).jpeg

Cabby Hats

Talk about a fall staple! Cabby or newsboy hats are already everywhere - NYFW I see you - and they’re going to be one of the biggest hits this fall. This one from Forever 21 is super affordable, and you can get it here.

You can also find similar booties here.

Side note: Am I the only one getting major Paris Hilton Circa 2000’s vibes from the pink and cabby hat overload on social media? Please tell me, I need to know.