Three Old Fashion Rules That Need to Die

I’ve always been all about breaking rules since 1992, especially when it comes to fashion rules, because honestly, aren’t they just meant to be broken?

There are three specific fashion rules that I hold a grudge on because they’re just plain silly. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates them.


No White After Labor Day

This trend started back in day, because white used to be considered a summer color, so technically you should only wear it from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It makes no sense though, because summer is not exactly over after labor day. Let’s also not forget that now that white boots are so in, and I’m sure having my very version of a White Christmas this year. JK (maybe not).

Do Not Mix Prints

This one has also died out a bit, but I still see some people refusing to mix prints, because it’s against the fashion “laws.” GIVE ME THAT GODDAMN BOOK AND I’LL BURN IT. Sorry, but for real, mixing prints is just way too much fun and stylish AF. It takes a decent amount of fashion knowledge to understand to how create a fun yet harmonic mixed print combo.


Your Bag Should Match Your Shoes

Unless you’re going for a monochromatic look on purpose, there’s nothing more boring than matching your bag and shoes. It’s OK to go basic on one and crazy on the other, or basic/crazy on both. I think 80% of my bags do not match any of my shoes and vice versa.

What are some old fashion rules that you hate?