A Timeless Piece With JORD Watches


Ever since my mom got rid of my dear interchangeable bands watch - circa 1998 - I’ve never worn another watch. They just never felt right on my tiny wrist. At least not until I came across JORD wood watches.

When I first saw their watches I fell in love with the design but was a bit wary of both the size and weight of their products, because whenever I think about wood anything, it automatically makes me think of heavy pieces. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that their watches are extremely lightweight.

Whether you are looking for a present for that special person or for yourself - you do you, girl! - the wood watches from JORD just make the perfect holiday gift for both Men and Women. I might actually get Chris one for Christmas, because he really liked mine. I hope he’s not reading this.


The design of both the watch and the packaging is just incredibly beautiful. The watch model I got, Frankie in Purpleheart and Plum, is very minimalistic and elegant, yet fun and modern. I just love the color so much and I think it truly expresses my personality.

The box is a gift itself. It’s nicely engraved with the brands logo and it comes with a little drawer on the bottom that can be used to hold little humidity packs to protect your watch (or, you know, little rings).


The material is the highest quality. My watch especifically uses Purpleheart wood, which is this beautiful naturally purple wood that comes from the Solomon Islands.

Fun fact: JORD has a description page for each kind of wood they work with. It’s really cool because you can learn more about where the wood used in your watch comes from and other interesting things such as its texture, hardness, tree height and shrinkage percentage.

You can this outfit by clicking the following links:  Hat ,  Similar Skirt ,  Tee Shirt , similar  Bag  an  Boots

You can this outfit by clicking the following links: Hat, Similar Skirt, Tee Shirt, similar Bag an Boots


Since I want you guys to also have the best holiday season ever, I’ve partnered with JORD to give you a 25% discount on any watch you want. All you have to do is click the link below and enter your email address. They’ll send you an email with the code right away.


I’m absolutely in love with my new JORD wood watch, and hope that it’ll make me stop being always late!

*This is a sponsored post