About Goodbyes and Restarts


There are three moments in my life I’ll never forget: 1) when I went hang gliding 2) when I left Brazil and all I knew and boarded on a plane to NYC barely knowing any English 3) when Chris and I boarded on another plane and left NYC to come to California. What do those three experiences have in common? You might be asking yourself. All three of them give you that feeling like someone just pulled the ground from beneath your feet. If that wasn’t enough adventure for the last 6 years of my young life, we decided to do it again. So it’s time to say goodbye to San Diego. 

If you have read my blog before, you know that being in San Diego has always been kind of struggle to me, even though it was my decision to come here in the first place. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good time here, I spent two (and a half) incredible years here. Yet, for some reason, I just had the hardest time adapting to the city and had been looking forward to moving away since the very beginning. Sorry San Diego, it’s not you, it’s me…

So back to where I started. If you’ve never been hang gliding, you wouldn’t understand the metaphor, but I can tell you from first hand experience, it’s both terrifying and freeing. I did it 6 years ago, during a trip to Rio. 


You basically jump out of freaking huge ass hill/mountain, holding on to the hand glide and your instructor. The minute you jump, that’s it. You’re flying. There’s nothing there you protect you. It’s scary as hell, but after those initial 30 seconds of panic go away, you’re left with the most insane view you’ll ever have. You feel like a bird flying over the city and the sea. 

Leaving Brazil was the second time that I felt that way. I knew I wanted to go to New York really bad, but I had no clue of what was waiting for me there. I didn’t know a single person in town, and knew just enough English to ask for directions and get to places. I was 20 years old when I got there - almost 6 years ago. Little did I know I’d fall in love with the city, the country and the man who’s soon to be my husband. Rather than a chapter of my story, New York could be a whole book. 


And speaking of chapters, next comes San Diego. 


When Chris and I met, we didn’t know a lot of things, but there was three things we knew too well: we wanted to be together, we couldn’t afford New York anymore, and we wouldn’t survive another winter there. At the time, his parents we’re living in San Luis Obispo, Central California, so we thought it’d make sense to come here. I had never been to SoCal, but I had been to San Francisco and thought to myself “well, they’re probably similar places.” Oh boy, was I wrong. 

The truth is, I kinda dreaded San Diego from day one. I missed the culture and the people from the East Coast, I missed the efficient public transportation (if you complain about the MTA, you’ve had to take the MTS San Diego), I missed the freaking winter. And most importantly, I missed the person I used to be, who got lost somewhere in the transition. 

So last year, after Chris and I went to Portland, we both realized that Cali wasn’t the place for us, but it still didn’t make sense to move there. Then after visiting my family in Brazil (I still owe you guys a post on that) and his parents, who just moved back to Massachusetts, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to be closer to our families. But since we’re not 100% ready to face the North East winters, we decided that it might be better to go further south on the East Coast. 
After a ton of research, Charlotte, NC, turned out to check all of the boxes. So we decided to head that direction, but not without spending the rest of summer in Cape Cod with the fam. 

Have we ever been Charlotte? No. Do we know what we’re signing up for? Also no. But I can’t freaking wait. 

So, next week we’ll be packing our little car with all of the stuff we can fit into it, and we’ll drive cross country and hopefully, we’ll find the yellow brick road. So, you guys are invited to follow us on this insane adventure, as we take the leap of faith once again.     

As I write this blog post, I’m still not even a little bit aware of what the following months will be like, but I do know that I’ve been ready for this for the longest time. Or maybe not, only time will tell.  


PS: I just wanted to add that although my experience in SoCal wasn't the greatest of them all, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing people in this world, who I'll forever have the honor to call my friends. So here's my thank you! I love you! <3