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Galentine's Day Blogger Brunch

I’ve always had that event planning vein flowing in my body, ever since I was little. From planning surprise parties to friends, to my own birthday celebrations, to work launch parties, I’ve always enjoyed putting events together. Then one day I thought to myself, now that I have a blog and have met some amazing people through that network, why not start planning events here too? So a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my first event in San Diego.

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Meet Your Two New Drink Obsessions: Rose Gold Latte and 24K Cappuccino

Move over, Starbucks’ pink drink, it’s time for the real royalty to shine! And I mean, literally shine.

If you haven’t heard of S3 Coffee Bar, a San Diego based coffee shop, you’re missing out BIG TIME. They have the cutest and most delicious coffee and tea drinks in town. Trust me, if you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’m pretty much a coffee shop connoisseur. If you don’t leave in SD, but happen to visit the city, make this place your must go stop, because I’m telling you, that place is about to become the next Instagram fever.

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Best of North Park: Coffee Shops

There’s nothing better than starting the morning with a warm cup of coffee, or an iced version, if that’s what you’re into. Or if you’re the type who likes to get your caffeine fix in the middle of the afternoon while grabbing a bite and doing work, or taking some Instagram pictures – or, you know, doing all of that together – you know that there’s nothing better than doing so in place that has a pleasant atmosphere and good food/drinks.

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Watermelon Popsicle on the Road: Julian

One of the beauties of living in San Diego is that it allows me to take road trips to a variety of places that are an hour or two away, and if I really feel like being on the road for a little longer, I can easily get to places like L.A., Big Bear Mountain, Vegas or the Grand Canyon. So whenever we get a chance, Chris and I take little leisure and work (I know, the perks of working with social media) trips around here.

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