Holiday Gift Guide for Her (or Yourself)

The second gift guide of these series is dedicated to all of the women out there. From your mom, to your best friend, to yourself. This guide was inspired by the style driven women I see on a daily basis on Instagram and in real life, who appreciate good quality traditional pieces and yet keep up with trends.

I tried focusing on some of the things you guys requested on Instagram, such as beauty, home decor and fashion. So the result is this super fun combo of products that I have either tried or am really excited to try.

If you want to get me something, now you know what to get. Just kidding. Maybe not.

Copy of Watermelon Popsicle.jpg

The Year of Cozy: A while ago a friend of mine posted about this book on her Stories and I fell in love with the concept of it. The book is a guide of ideas for you to do, month by month, season by season. You get a little bit of everything, from arts and crafts, to cocktail and food recipe to self care tips. It makes for a great gift! (I just got myself and one of my best friends a copy each).

H&M Cable-Knit Sweater: it’s going to be sweater season for at least the next two months, so everybody needs at least one comfy chunky sweater. This one from H&M is super comfy and cute. And did I say affordable?

Pieces of Me Personality Trait Bracelets: I wrote on my Instagram a few months ago how I fell in love with this brand and their super brilliant pieces. The design of every bracelet is based on different personality traits, meaning you pick a trait that best suits your personality (or the person you’re gifting) and the color of the band. The brand also offer bracelet sets such as “The Risk Taker,” which mixes the Adventurous and the Independent cuffs. Or you can also order a full on customized piece, which is even more special.

Scala Fisherman Hat: You’ve seen them everywhere. Fisherman hats have officially made a comeback this season and they make such a great little present. This one from Scala Hats is super affordable.

Osea Malibu Remineralizing & Hydrating Everyday Essentials: I’ve been hyping about Osea Malibu for awhile now because their products are just incredibly good. This little set is a pretty good “starter” kit, in my opinion, because it has their ocean cleanser, a toner and two kinds of moisturizer, a serum one and a cream version.

Stilla Play It Cool Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set: Makeup addicts rejoice, this little lipstic trio from Stila in shades of pink and berries is weightless, full-coverage, and creamy matte, and it won’t smudge after a just a few hours. My favorite color is the Bacca (raspberry one), but they are even fun to mix together.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer: For you photo addicted friend who loves to capture every single moment. This little printer is super convenient to carry around and it’s better than a Polaroid because you can have full control of what you’re printing.

MIA Valencia Bootie: You know how much a glitter boots enthusiast I am. They just make any outfit so much more fun. I need a pair, you need a pair and so does your best friend!