Holiday Gift Guide for Him

The Holiday Season always gets me super excited because I love to gift people and plan little events. If I could do these two things all year long, I would. When it comes to gifting, I try and put a lot of thought into what I’m getting someone based on their style and/or personality, because nothing sucks more than getting a present that you hate.

So in order to make your life, and mine, easier, I decided to put together a few different gift guides.

The reason I’m starting out with guys is because I did get some requests from other girls and I feel like often times it’s harder to shop for men than it is for women. So here’s a guide to help you find the perfect present to the men in your life, whether that’s your S.O., dad, brother, friend, or all of them together:

Watermelon Popsicle (1).jpg

Pomp & Co. Hair Cream: Chris swears by this hair cream. In fact, we have a whole supply of products from this Irish brand in this house and they are really good. I even steal it (and also their pomade) every now and then when I need to style my hair. Bonus points: it’s water based and it smells amazing.

Jord Watches Frankie in Dark Sandalwood and Smoke: I’ve written here about how obsessed I am with my wood watch from JORD. Their quality and design are incredible and they definitely make an amazing present. To make it even better, you can get a sweet discount using this link. Valid until December 15th.

H&M Flannel: This one is pretty straight forward. Every guy needs a flannel, and for $12,99 this one is an amazing deal.   

H&M Bomber Jacket with Pile Collar: Bomber jackets are always are a must have (for guys and gals) this winter. This one comes in two colors and has a super comfy shearing collar. TBH, I might buy that for myself. 

Google Home Mini: Google Home Mini is powered by the Google Assistant, so you can ask it questions and tell it to do things. Just start with “Ok Google” to get answers from Google, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment, and control your smart home. And when you ask for help, it can tell your voice from others for a more personalized experience. I mean, how cool is that?

Men-U Shave Facial Trio: One of the things I got asked a bunch of times when I decided to do gift guide for men was about skin care. So after a little bit of research I found this trio from Men-U that contains a shaving cream, a cleanser and a moisturizer. Perfect for your man to start caring for their skin without having to steal your beauty products. It’s a win-win.

Owen & Fred™ for J.Crew Collar Stays: Pretty much every guy has at least one dress shirt, but most of them don’t own collar stays. Those little thing make an incredible difference in how polished a dress shirt looks. Trust me, I’ve worked in menswear and seen it all.

Izola™ Stainless Steel Flask with Canvas Carrier: Time to kick that old aluminum flask away and opt for a more stylish option. This one with a canvas carrier just happens to be the perfect option.