I Tried Teeth Whitening At Home And I’m Ready To Talk About It.


Who doesn’t love to have a bright white smile? I sure do, but after spending a good 5+ years wearing braces, I was left with teeth that were anything but white. That’s something that has always bothered me, because as much as I wanted to get my teeth whitened by a dentist, I just couldn’t afford it.

After I started drinking wine, I noticed that things only got worse, because as much as red wine is damn good, it stains your teeth like hell.

So when Smile Brilliant reached out and offered me the opportunity to do a collaboration and try their product, I decided to give them a go! I was a bit skeptical at first and also worried that it would make my teeth sensitive, but boy oh boy, I have to admit that the results so far have been pretty shocking.

Their Teeth Whitening Kit is incredibly affordable (less than $150) and it even works for people who suffer from tooth sensitivity, because besides the whitening gel, the kit comes with a desensitizing gel. I don’t know about you, but I thought that was pretty awesome.


When I talked to the guys from Smile Brilliant, I was asked about my dental history and whether I’ve suffered from teeth sensitivity. After figuring out the kind of kit would work best for me, I was surprised with their package waiting for me at home two days later. Talk about efficiency. The package came with all of the syringes I’d need (whitening gel and desensitizing gel) and two trays and some special clay to make my tray molds.

The process was fairly easy, but there was still some drooling involved, not gonna lie. After I shipped them my molds, I received my custom trays in about a week.

From there, the whole thing just got a lot more fun. In order to get better results - meaning avoiding things that can possibly stain my teeth after every process- I decided to whiten my teeth at night, while watching TV or writing blog posts. In fact, I’m wearing my whitening kit as I write this blog post.

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Some days when I know I won’t be home at night, I do it in the afternoon while getting ready. The process takes between 45 min and 2 hrs for the whitening gel and 15 to 20 min for the desensitizing gel. I started with 45 min and now I do the whole 2 hrs.

I have to say that I was surprised to results after only one day doing it. So far, I’ve done it on and off for about two weeks and I can happily say that my teeth are the whitest they’ve been in 10+ years.  


I’m so happy that now I can confidently smile all the time.

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