Is K- Beauty Really Worth the Hype?


If you live on this planet, you must have heard something about K-Beauty (short for Korean Beauty) by now. There are a ton of articles out there talking about their super crazy/amazing 8 and 10 step routines. But before you get all lazy, let me tell you more about it and show you a quicker 5 step routine that will change your life. And your skin!

I became sort of familiar with K-Beauty in 2014, when I started taking classes at an art school located right in the middle of Korean Town, in New York City. I remember walking into a little skincare shop and falling in love with the cute packaging and amazing smell of the products. Still, I ended up never really getting into it.

Up till last month, all I had tried from K-Beauty were sheet masks, which I love, but never really noticed any significant effects from using them alone.


"Why didn't it work" you ask? Well, because I was doing it entirely wrong.. Good thing, I learned about the 5 step routine by Saranghae, a Korean beauty brand that has become one of the fastest growing brands in the US.

Cute fun fact: Saranghae means “I love you” in Korean. I want to hug the person who named the brand. For real!


The folks from Saranghae were kind enough to send me their products to test out and review. They also taught me that you can have great skin by consistently using a 5 - or depending on the day 4 - step beauty routine. Cause ain’t nobody got time for that 10 step thing.


Step 1. Saranghae Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser with Truffle Extract & Gold

One word: GOLD! No, really... This cleanser has gold in it, and it’s super sparkly. And that’s not even the best part about it. The product mixes both oil and foam, which result in a super deep cleaning. Your skin will feel super refreshed afterwards.

Step 2. Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum

Serums are a key step in K-Beauty routines. They help your skin heal and regenerate, while keeping it moisturized and controlling its pH level. It sounds like rocket science, but it’s not. This Essence + Serum just gives your skin that perfect in between level of not too dry and not too oily.

Step 3. Saranghae Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream

This face cream is super rich and highly moisturizing. What I love about it is that it makes your skin feel super soft and velvety. It’s also surprisingly not oily.

Although it absorbs really well, I save it for my night routine and opt for something more lightweight for the morning, or before applying makeup.

Step 4. Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream

One thing that I learned with Saranghae is that your eye area deserves special attention. Therefore, it deserves a different kind of cream than the rest of your face. The Focus Renewal Eye Serum restores vitality, diminishes wrinkles, visibly lifts, firms and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you don’t need your concealer after using this.

Step 5. Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask

This is not an everyday step! Formulated to be used once or twice a week, Saranghae’s face mask is an optional step 2 (yes, you should use after the cleanser and before all the rest), for those days of the week when you really feel like pampering yourself. This super lightweight mask helps calm inflamed skin, enhance the natural contours of the face and maximize brightness.

The mask, as well as the other products, should be used correctly and consistently in order for you to see results. That’s exactly the mistake I used to make. I’d put on a mask every now and then without using nothing prior or post its use and expect it to work. It doesn’t just work like, and I was happy to learn it from Saranghae.


Radiant was the word my boyfriend used to describe my skin the other day, after I did the whole 5 step routine. That made me super happy, because I never really associated that word with my own skin, and also because I mentioned here a while ago that I had been battling for the first time with some weird skin stuff, like adult acne.

As far skin care goes, their prices are pretty amazing too. You can get the entire 5 step set for $159 (or even less if you join their membership), which is the price of a single product from other brands.

I’m pretty amazed by the results so far and will continue to use their products for as long as I can, because that stuff is good! If you haven’t tried Korean beauty yet, do yourself a favor and go order some products. Your skin will thank you later.