Self-Care Fridays


As much as I hate to admit it, this year has been so busy that I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with all of my tasks and events. Between my full time 24/7 social media job, the blog, trying to lose weight and wedding planning and just life in general, sometimes I feel like I’m just going to explode. Those are all great problems to have, but they still take a toll on me, physically and emotionally.

One of the reasons I’ve been away from Instagram and the blog so often is because I find it hard to get inspired and creative when I’m going through anxiety phases. In all honesty, I spend so much time sitting on the couch doing work that I often forget to take care of myself properly, and some days I even forget to eat. So lately I’ve been looking for ways to take better care of myself and my mental health, even if it’s once a week.

That’s why I started what I like to call self-care Fridays.

For beginners, it doesn’t always happen on a Friday, but rather on any day of the week when I feel like a need a major break. So what I try and do is take a couple of hours to forget about everything else and focus on myself. No distractions, no problems, just a bathtub, some candles, wine or herbal tea (depending on my mood), some French music and my favorite skin and body care products.  

So today I want to share with you a little bit of my self-care routine featuring some of my favorite products from a Colorado based brand called Zents. I’ve incorporated products from both their signature collection and their UnZented collection into my self-care routine and they’re just amazing.


This is the best and longest part of the process. After putting on a face mask, lighting up some candles and filling up the tub with some hot water, I like to throw in a bath bomb to make it bubbly and nice smelling. I truly believe in the power of aromatherapy, so I usually go with a bomb that matches the mood I’m trying to achieve. Whenever I’m longing for a more sexy feel, I go with my Ore Bath Truffle, that can only be described as the sexiest smell I’ve ever experienced. Bath time is when I truly disconnect from the rest of the world and try to think about my goals and my life and how I can improve myself. I use part of that time to not think about anything and just relax.


Shower time is when I like to mix a variety of smells and products, that I pick based on my mood. I’ve been currently loving the Sun Wash, the Revitalizing Mandarin Shampoo and Moisturizing Water Conditioner. What I really like about this step is I get to use two products I’m totally obsessed with: the Mandarin Body Oil followed by the Unzented Body Polish, which is like a scrub. I wish I could describe to you how amazing and soft my skin feels after using that combo.



After using the body polish, my body is already super soft, but I love to finalize it with some Fresh Probiotic Lotion. For the areas of my body that are a bit rough, think feet, elbows and cuticles, I like to add some Concreta Balm, which moisturizes them wonderfully. Side note: I mentioned on my Stories how obsessed I am with the design of the Concreta, and seriously, I think I’m going to start a collection with all of them.

After I’m done with body moisturizing, I like to follow two more steps of my routine which are putting on some Ore Eau The Toilette and adding a happy touch of Zen Blend Oral Tonic, which has a super fresh minty taste.  These are steps I actually repeat everyday when getting ready. During that time I also do the rest of my skincare routine.


I fell in love with the products from Zents and their mission - their products are cruelty-free and stay away from all of those bad chemicals found out there. They’re all about being conscious, mindful and giving back, which are values that align with mine. The reason I’m saying all of this is because I find it important to be on that same page with brands you choose to use, especially when it comes to self-care.

I know everyone has different ways to go about self-care, and that it’s not just about taking a bath or doing a skincare routine, but I find those things quite helpful when I feel like I need a way to cope with anxiety. So now I want to hear from you. What are you some of your methods to deal with anxiety or stress? How do you take care of yourself? Let me know in the comment section.