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My 5 Resolutions in Decor for 2018

Hey you, long time no see!

I know I’ve been gone for about two weeks now, which I’m going to explain why in a future blog post. But today I’m back to talk about my New Year’s Resolutions.

Well, not the traditional resolutions that people make in the beginning of every year. Those I’ve already mentioned in a previous post. This time I want to show you guys my 5 Resolutions in Decor for 2018.

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DIY Marble Tray

This is my first time writing about DIY projects! Yay! 

I’ve been seeing the marble tray craze everywhere, and always felt like I was missing out for not having one. I’ve exhaustively tried to find one that was both pretty and affordable, but most options out there don’t fit both categories, so I decided to create my own marble tray using basically 3 things: an old wooden tray, spray paint and contact paper.

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