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Secret Santa Gift Guide: $20 and Under

One of the best parts of the Holiday Season is having Secret Santas pretty much every week. I mentioned here the other day how much I love to gift people, so shopping for Secret Santa is always a lot of fun. The tricky thing about this kind of gift exchange is that often times people don’t necessarily know much about each other’s personalities, thus they don’t know what to get.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Her (or Yourself)

The second gift guide of these series is dedicated to all of the women out there. From your mom, to your best friend, to yourself. This guide was inspired by the style driven women I see on a daily basis on Instagram and in real life, who appreciate good quality traditional pieces and yet keep up with trends.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

The Holiday Season always gets me super excited because I love to gift people and plan little events. If I could do these two things all year long, I would. When it comes to gifting, I try and put a lot of thought into what I’m getting someone based on their style and/or personality, because nothing sucks more than getting a present that you hate.

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