That's a Wrap! Giving The Best Dressed Gift With Wrapeez.

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Every holiday season I face the same dilemma: should I buy ton of wrapping paper that eventually will go to trash or should spend money on expensive little gift bags that don’t even look that great under the tree?   

This year I found a new way to wrap my presents without damaging the planet and that’s also a big time saver. 

I recently found out about Wrapeez, a company that makes reusable gift wraps, and instantly fell in love with their products. Since their gift wraps are made of stretchy, which makes wrapping easy regardless of the size or shape of your item. Raise your hand if you’ve had a big headache trying not to rip apart paper while wrapping an odd shaped present. I have!


While their wraps do fit pretty much anything, the ladies from Wrapeez went above and beyond to create specialty products in different shapes and sizes, like their wine and the card holder wraps.

I also find their designs super cute, ranging from super holiday inspired ones, to animal prints, to geometric shapes. I’m obsessed with their coordinating white and red polka dot set.


Their products range from $2.99 to $29.95 (for the entire bundle!!). Just imagine how much money - and how many trees - you’ll be saving over time!

To make your holiday season even more special Wrapeez is offering two discount codes this holiday season. “GIFTWRAPPING17” for 25% off your order and “FREESHIPPING25” for free shipping on orders over $25. They can be combined.


Happy Holiday Season!