Thrift Thursday with Salvation Army


Being a fashion blogger on a budget is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have extra cash to burn shopping (a.k.a ME). It’s a constant work trying to keep your page up to date with the latest trends and seasons, and most people people have no idea how fast those things can add up. One of my personal favorite ways of snagging really unique pieces without going broke is by shopping at thrift stores.

Some of my favorite parts about thrift shopping is that it’s technically good for the planet, you get a lot for what you pay and a lot of thrift shops out there actually donate their funds to charity programs, which is a really big deal for me. One of those places is Salvation Army, which doesn’t really need any kind of introduction.   

I was contacted by them a few weeks ago to participate in the Thrift Thursday program, which raises awareness to thrift shopping for a good cause.  All of the proceeds from their stores go to directly funding their Adult Rehabilitation Center, which makes shopping even better. Not only are you reusing, you are giving someone a chance to renew their life.

So I went in last Thursday to shop for some outfits for this Spring outfits see what I digs I’d be able to find.


If you’re new to thrift shopping, one thing you’ll need to learn is patience. It’s like a treasure hunt and it will take a bit of time to find the actual good stuff, but once you do, it’s priceless. I was lucky enough to have the marketing and PR ladies from Salvation Army, Keana, Carly and Rachael,  to be my personal BFF’s there, helping me pick the outfits and taking pics.

I ended up putting together a few outfits: a pink and floral combo - with a tiny woven basket to go with it - an ivory button down shirt and a scuba style skirt and I even got a gorgeous long lace dress, and a little white dress. The total price? 28 bucks! Now, that’s a steal!


Thrift shopping is much fun! You can always find super unique as well as trendy pieces that won’t cost you a fortune. You can find a Salvation Army that is near you here, whether you live in San Diego or not. Trust me, your wallet and your community will thank you!