Valentine’s Day Casual Outfit Ideas

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Valentine’s day is two weeks away and if you’re like me, you’re already picking your outfit, whether you’re going out with your S.O. or partying the night away with your best girlfriends. So I decided to help you out with some really cute outfit ideas that won’t break the bank.  

Flower Bouquet

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Don’t wait for the flowers, wear them all over yourself! I’m really into florals year round, because they can go from happy and bright, which is perfect for summer, to super moody and dramatic - winter, anyone? They look specially romantic for Vdays when paired with flouncy little dresses, like this one from Forever 21.

All Pink Everything

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Valentine’s Day should also be called International Pink and Red day, because even people who are not exactly fans of those two colors, wear them on Vday. Feel free to mix and match different shades of pink for a super chic monochrome look. For this outfit, I decided to pair this SUPER comfy dark pink scalloped sweater with a skirt in a lighter shade.

What I love about this outfit is that it can be dressed down if worn with a pair of sneaker or up if you go with booties or a pair of pumps.

Polka Dots

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I’ve been obsessed with polka dots forever. I have from bags to shirts to dresses to undies with them printed all over, and they just so happen to be super cute and romantic for Valentine’s day. Mix red and white polka dots with pink pieces and vice versa for major Minnie Mouse vibes!

Stolen From The Boys

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I love to borrow stuff for Chris’s closet, especially button down shirts. There’s something about them that just fits better than women’s button downs for the most part. I like to pair them with Palazzo pants and/or culottes and high heels for a business woman meets trendsetter feel.

(Body)Suit It Up

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If romantic outfits don’t really float your boat, you can opt for a silk bodysuit paired with skinny jeans or a high slit skirt for a killer outfit that is both casual and sexy. The one in the picture is from Zara, and it’s currently out of stock, but I linked similar ones below and here, here, here, and here.

Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!

Photos by: Web Probie